apartment hacks

There’s no question that food is a key part of all our cultures, so it’s no wonder the kitchen is often considered the central core of any home. But the role of the kitchen in modern culture extends beyond a space purely for cooking in—we also use the kitchen as a place to talk, to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, or even to work.

The kitchen also plays an important role in creating a sense of connectedness among the entire family. Most contemporary apartments now adopt an open-plan floor design with the kitchen flowing into the living room and possibly an alfresco area, creating a central hub for every member of the family to come together in a communal space, often making it the most used area of the home.

Today, we’re sharing 5 clever hacks to make the most of your apartment kitchen space!

Work your walls
When surface space is at a premium, it pays to make good use of your walls. Install shelves, rods or a pegboard to take utensils off your countertops and onto the walls. You could free up whole cupboards by hooking everything and anything that has a handle.

Choose integrated appliances
Integrated appliances tend to take up much less space than freestanding ones and being able to hide them behind cupboard doors will give a streamlined look that tricks the eye into thinking your kitchen is bigger than it is. Don’t assume you need to go for full-size appliances, either – there are plenty of compact smart styles designed for small spaces — and you won’t have to sacrifice precious storage to shoehorn them in.

Keep things simple
If you’re renovating, try to keep cupboard doors, worktops, and splashbacks sleek and simple to avoid making a kitchen feel busy or overly cluttered. White or very pale colours will also help to create the illusion of space. It’s also worth selecting understated handles instead of chunky designs or even doing away with them altogether in favour of integrated push-to-open mechanisms.

Utilise every nook and cranny
There are also lots of clever tricks to help you use every square centimetre of storage out of your cupboards. If budget allows, you can buy pull-out inserts that vastly increase the amount of useable internal space; if funds are more limited, shelf risers and freestanding plate and pan racks can make a big difference.

Be clever with lighting
If you only have a single overhead light, it can leave you with dark corners, and you’ll often find you’re working in your own shadow. Look at installing task lighting above food preparation areas, hobs and sinks. There are lots of compact tubes and LED spots that can be mounted on the underside of shelves or cupboards, and many come with dimmer functions so you can alter the mood.