storage hacks

When you’re considering moving into an apartment, one of the first things to pop up in mind is storage! Especially if you’re downsizing from a house, it can be a big factor to consider but it's actually a lot more simple than it seems. With so many of our agents living in apartments themselves, we wanted to share our favourite storage tips from first-hand experience. As you can see, we don’t just sell apartments, we live and breath vertical living! Read on for our favourite storage tips from the Lucas Group.

Serena Su - Sales Executive
I like to create more space in my cupboards so I can store more. One trick my mum taught me is rolled towels take up less space than folded ones. It’s also easier to pull out the towels you want to use without messing up everything. Simply just fold the towels in half lengthwise and then roll them up. Rolled hand towels can also be stored in a basket too, depending on the size.

Mark Sutherland – Sales Manager
Having moved from a house to an apartment many years ago I used a spare bedroom and storage cage to simply prolong the inevitable. The best storage tip I can give you from 12 years of apartment living is to re-house it! Store absolutely nothing you haven't used in the last 12months (even 6 months). If you don't have a friend or family member that would make great use of any surplus then donate to a notable charity, if it’s worth real money then eBay for some handy cash and finally any unwanted items (rubbish) arrange a hard rubbish collection via your OC 2-3 times a year.

Cary Thornton - Senior Sales Executive
The best advice I can give to create additional storage is not to store anything that you don't need. However, we all have bits and pieces that we only use so often, so incorporating furniture that has hidden storage can be a great way to store items and make sure the clutter doesn’t show. Beds with built-in draws and outdoor seating with storage underneath are just two of my favourites!

Thomas Tregonning - Senior Sales Executive
You can never have enough storage when it comes to apartments. A great idea can be to add in a wall unit that can be used as a bookshelf, TV unit, wine rack and a place to place some family photos and hide small nick-nacks. A few years ago, we built one out of separate IKEA furniture pieces and then screwed them together. It not only helped with our storage but completely transformed the room and became our centrepiece.



Kong Tran - Sales Executive
The kitchen is probably the most important in any household I would imagine, so having a setup that works well for you is always something to consider. I moved into my apartment not too long ago, and although I love the design, quality and finish of the apartment, there was one thing that was missing and that was the island bench. But never to fear, you can easily pick up an island bench from your local homewares store or online. Not only does this give you more space to cook, but it also provides you with more storage for your kitchen gadgets. I also love how it can be doubled as a dining table and creates that separation between living and kitchen. A small investment for a huge benefit!

Lynn Lum - Sales Executive
I’ve been living in apartments for 16 years and counting. I’ve lived in various sizes places, from 32sqm compact unit to 180sqm split level penthouse. At a point, I rented a storage unit that I’d converted to my walk-in-robe which was a waste! My advice to you is that if you haven’t used or worn it for more than 12 months, you don’t need it. Secondly, be smart with space. Find a way to utilise every nook and corner. There are a plethora of furnishing and storage ideas. A hard to reach corner in kitchen cabinet does not mean it’s a dead space. A lazy susan is the perfect piece to store sauce bottles, snacks, wine glasses - literally anything! You can also double your storage capacity with a shelf rack so you can place things both underneath and on top!

Ricky Li - Property Consultant
Having lived in various sized apartments around the inner city, I do find having a storage cage is very helpful. If there isn't one, I tend to create space whenever I can. Going vertical is the best way to utilise the space you have. I love installing tall shelves in the living and bedroom, even floating shelves are great! For your bedroom, go for a headboard with storage or bedframe that allows storage space underneath.

Vicky Leong - Senior Sales Executive
When you are preparing to move to an apartment, always look for furniture that gives extra storage spaces. E.g. bed frames with undercover drawers on the sides, bedside tables with drawers, tv console with shelves, floor to ceiling bookshelves, sofa with pull up storage underneath, shelves stackers (they called them) in wardrobes, cupboards or pantry for that extra spaces. Plus, it helps organise things making them neat and tidy!