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Staying active at home can be hard and it’s easy to forget about exercising completely. As a very active person since young, we recently asked our Senior Sales Executive, Vicky Leong, for her top tips to staying fit in her apartment.

Working out has been a big part of my life since young. I’ve always considered myself an active person, involving myself in activities such as swimming, rock climbing and Pilates. With such a busy lifestyle, working out allows me to have a work-life balance; staying healthy both physically and mentally.

I recently moved into my first apartment in Docklands, so I know firsthand what it’s like to work out without a huge backyard. With all of us staying home, working out can become a challenge. However, staying fit at home doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. You can usually find everything you need at home. Personally, I’ve started a morning routine doing simple yoga flow to start off my day. It helps calm me physically and mentally, and also helps reset and refresh my mind.

Create a workout space
Pick a dedicated area in your home for your exercise routine. The more you associate a certain place with exercise, the more it’ll become a habit. It’s also important to have a workout space that is comfortable and inviting. Personally, I like somewhere close to windows with lots of bright natural light. Even though I live in an apartment, it keeps me feeling connected with the outdoors.

Map out your workout schedule
It’s important to map everything out beforehand. When your workout routines are prepared in advance, you can realistically complete your goals without procrastinating. I usually plan a routine the week before with different exercises on each day to keep it fresh.

Make it motivational
Surround your workout space with objects that help motivate you. This can be a framed quote, a picture of your family, anything that motivates you to exercise. For me, I like having plants around me and music in the background. It allows me to be in touch with nature while still being at home. Music in the background makes me feel as if I am at a gym too, so crank up that music and get moving!

6 Simple Poses to Get You Started
Start with 5 minutes of meditation. Followed by 20 seconds of each pose below.

Here’s A Few Benefits of Yoga
- Improves mental health and overall well-being
- Improves quality and quantity of sleep
- Improves immunity
- Increases energy
- Builds strength and flexibility

Happy Yoga Everyone! Namaste!

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