When you’re confined to your home, it’s more important than ever to take extra care of yourself. We recently reached out to our Sales Executive, Lynn Lum who’s embraced her new lifestyle and asked her to share some of her top tips.

Surviving vs Adapting
It’s easy to view our current change of environment as a challenge and just a matter of surviving and pulling through. With this mindset, it’s easy to experience burnout both mentally and physically. Instead, learn to embrace change and learn how to adapt to new surroundings. Let’s all take it as an opportunity to discover new abilities and skills that you never knew you had.

Eat Well
Take advantage of this extra time we have at home to cook fresh and healthy meals each day. Instead of viewing cooking as a chore, turn cooking into a family activity where everyone can learn and spend quality time together. When it’s time to eat, remember to turn off the TV and computer and take time to enjoy your meals together. This is a great way to bond and build family memories.

Invest in Quality Ingredients
We’ve all heard the term before, you are what you eat. Instead of buying frozen meals, drop by the local market or fresh produce store and make things from scratch. Not only is it more nutritious, but you’ll also be supporting local businesses.

Rest Well
A good night’s sleep is just as important as eating healthy and exercising. Now that we’re all working from home, it’s easy to work longer hours, stay up later at night and be glued to the TV or computer. Instead, learn to switch off and try to stick with a routine where wake up, clock off and go to bed at the same time.

Take Time Out
Just as important as a good night’s sleep, it’s also vital to take breaks throughout the day. Allocate yourself 5-minute time outs where you can have a quiet moment to yourself and just be still and breathe. Especially when everyone works and lives under the same roof, it’s a great way to separate and focus on yourself.

Get Moving
With gyms and fitness studios closed momentarily, it’s easy to ditch exercising altogether. Instead, find fun ways to stay active. Personally, I love yoga and you don’t need that much space either. I’ve been practising yoga religiously for over 10 years now and living in an apartment hasn’t stopped that. If you’re a beginner, try searching for workouts on YouTube with tutorials for all fitness levels.

Lastly, be realistic and kind to yourself. There will be days where you feel less motivated than others, and that’s OK. Hopefully, with these tips and a clearer vision in mind, it’ll make sticking to a healthy and balanced routine somehow easier. As I always say, be happy, be healthy and everything else will fall into place.

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