move with lucas

Let’s be honest. When we think about moving house, feelings of stress and anxiety usually pop up. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or rent – we know this is one thing a lot of our clients have in common. Stress-less and read on for our top moving hacks to help you save time, space and most importantly money.

1. Organise your boxes
Make unpacking easy for yourself by having all your boxes organised from the get-go. Colour code every box depending on the type of item or which room it goes in. You can even cut handles into the side of boxes to make them easier to carry.

2. Take photos of everything
It’s impossible to remember a million things when you’re busy moving. Take photos of your favourite shelves or photo collages so you can replicate it at your new dig. It also helps with items you have to disassemble so you know exactly which screw goes where.

3. Ditch the bubble wrap
Be eco-friendly and wrap your breakables in clothing. Wrap items like plates in jumpers and socks fit perfectly over glass wear.

4. First-night kit
After a long day of heavy lifting, the last thing you want to be doing in scrambling through boxes looking for your toothbrush. Put together a bag of all the essentials you’ll need for your first night – think toiletries, towels and bedding.

5. Don’t lose your screws
When you disassemble your furniture, especially electronics like TV’s, it’s easy to misplace or loose screws and cords. Simply wrap them up and sticky tape them to the main object.

6. Save your toilet rolls
This might sound bizarre but trust us on this one. You can avoid serious cable tangles simply by packing them in empty toilet rolls. Just don’t forget to label each one and you’re good to go.

7. Keep your egg cartons
No one likes tangled jewellery and an eco-friendly way to keep them organised is by placing them in empty egg cartons. Simply tape them shut afterwards so they don’t go flying everywhere.

8. Prevent breakage
Want your items to arrive in one piece? Taping an X across mirrors can help prevent them from shattering. Placing cotton balls inside your cosmetics can help keep them in one piece.

Now that you have your move under control, there are a few other things to keep in mind like connecting your utilities or whether you need to book a lift. Feel free to reach out to your Lucas Property Manager or Sales Agent for more information.