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Inspections are a crucial part of the selling process and so it is important to spend time figuring out how you can create a lasting impression of your home.

Whilst many people opt to undergo renovations before selling, there are plenty of home improvements you can make that won’t break your budget.

Here are four cost-effective solutions you can implement straight away to ensure your home is looking its very best come inspection day:

Clean, Clean Clean
This may sound pretty obvious but nonetheless, it makes the top four. Nothing will put a buyer off more than walking into a dirty house. And when we say clean, we don’t just mean a quick wipe over. We mean really clean - inside, outside and inside again – everything has to be spotless. Make sure you empty bins, clean your oven and tidy inside cupboards and drawers. Serious buying contenders will look at everything and open everything – nothing is safe. We all have that secret cupboard or drawer that hides our chaos – you know the one – well now is the time to relocate that mess elsewhere.

Add some personality
It’s important to add a bit of personality to a room as it enables buyers to feel an emotional connection with the space. But before you go and cover from walls to ceiling with cute pictures of your kids, remember less is more. One or two pics and some other small personal touches will help to ensure your home isn’t looking too stagey. You want buyers to feel warm and fuzzy when they enter, not feel like they have walked into a display suite.

Remove obvious odours
You may think this is a strange tip to make top four but how many times do you go somewhere with an unpleasant smell and are consequently turned off? The same logic applies when you are selling a home. If you have the most amazingly beautiful property but it smells like old socks, we have a problem. Prior to your inspection, open up the windows and get some fresh air in. Spend a little bit of money on fresh flowers and maybe a nice subtle- scented candle.

Never work with pets
This is especially true on inspection day, remove any signs of pets. As much as you love them, future buyers may not! And whilst we are removing things, you had better make yourself scarce as well! Buyers need to be given the chance to wander about unencumbered and visualise themselves living in your home. That might be a difficult thing to do if you are hovering around holding your dog. So trust your agent to do their thing and leave them to it.

Selling your home does not have to be costly with a bit of planning, styling and old fashion elbow grease you can have your home looking its absolute best on a shoestring budget.